Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pipe

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This Lapis Lazuli crystal carved pipe is dope. Yes, you can smoke out of it. Yes you can use it as an ornamental piece. Yes it most probably infuses your very essence and being with the power of crystal magic (probably but not 100% guaranteed) 😉.

You are guaranteed to love it though and if you don't... welp, we give'a you' yo munnies back no problemo! The the Spirit Smoke guarantee. You're gunna be happy with this pipe. Oh yes. Rather happy we predict 🌿😵🥴

Power & Benefits of Lapis Lazuli:

Brilliant bright blue stone with a rich history. It even includes some other stones such as pyrite which gives it beautiful gold specks, calcite and lazurite.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

This beautiful blue stone helps ease depression and anxiety because it harmonizes all aspects of self. It releases stress and brings deep peace as well as a great sleep. Excellent for gaining spiritual insight and wisdom, activating personal power and inner truth. It also blocks any attacks and promotes protection and safety.

The Chakras Connected to Lapis Lazuli:

Associated with the Third Eye and Throat chakra. Both of these chakras have to do with gaining insight to know and speak our truth.

Astrological Signs:


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Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Crystal Pipe
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Crystal Pipe
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Crystal Pipe
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Crystal Pipe