Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe

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This Rose Quartz crystal carved pipe is dope. Yes, you can smoke out of it. Yes you can use it as an ornamental piece. Yes it most probably infuses your very essence and being with the power of crystal magic (probably but not 100% guaranteed) 😉.

You are guaranteed to love it though and if you don't... welp, we give'a you' yo munnies back no problemo! The the Spirit Smoke guarantee. You're gunna be happy with this pipe. Oh yes. Rather happy we predict 🌿😵🥴

Power & Benefits of Rose quartz:

Rose quartz is a popular stone found all around the world that balances the heart with its gentle, yet powerful loving and peaceful energy. This rose coloured stone not only assists in balancing the physical heart but the emotional aspect of our selves including matters of the heart as well.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Rose quartz teaches us about unconditional love. Love ourselves and love for other people and beings. It helps us gain acceptance of our perceived flaws and imperfections to realize that we are always worthy of love.

Beneficial in times of trauma providing energy on the deepest level. Purifies the heart that is heavy from emotional recovery, grief or sadness. Assists us in expressing our emotions to flow through us and to be patient with ourselves.

The Chakras Connected to Rose quartz:

In our subtle energy body, rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra which is the energy center representing the heart, emotions and love.

Astrological Signs:

Rose quartz is connected with Libra and Taurus since both of these signs are all about love and harmony.

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Rose Quartz Gemstone Crystal Pipe
Rose Quartz Gemstone Crystal Pipe
Rose Quartz Gemstone Crystal Pipe