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How to Get Some Cryptocurrency
(if you don't have any)

An easy and user friendly place to get some crypto (somewhat limited selection of crypto) but very easy to use. Use this one if you're not very tech savvy.

CONS: Limited in it's selection of available cryptocurrencies (but fine for the average user).

A somewhat more complex but actually better place to get crypto mainly because you can get pretty much any crypto type that you want and there are about a zillion extra things you can do. Use this one if you are somewhat tech savvy. The good thing about Binance, is you can trade a LOT more types of crytpo compared to Coinbase. Better suited to crypto investors.

This one is good for the crypto investor, it's not as polished as Coinbase or Binance, but it has MANY more crypto coins available.

To the MOON!

We believe that cryptocurrency is the near future of commerce. Why? Because it takes the power out of the big banking institutions and away from government... and it gives the power back to the people.

You should be able to earn and spend your money at your discretion. You don't need a credit card company hassling you to verify charges. You don't need banks nosing around your finances and demanding your private business affairs.

No way mate. Cryptocurrency is freedom.